For smaller or less complex projects our services can be tailored so that we are only engaged for the most critical stages.

This enables you to keep architectural fees to a minimum, without significant risk to standards. The Partial Services we provide fall into three categories:

1. Design & Planning

You may only need a new building or extension designed and, where necessary, to secure Planning Approval ready for you to to then take forward the project on your own. This is the minimum service you should consider, to ensure that the potential of the design is maximised.

Our fee for Design & Planning is generally just under one-third of the fee payable for the Full Architectural Service.

2. Design, Planning, & Building Regulations

Other clients require the building or extension to be designed and for us to secure the principal statutory approvals – Planning and Building Regulations –  but are happy to take the project forward from here, negotiating directly with builders of their choice and overseeing the construction work themselves.

Our fee for Design, Planning & Building Regs is generally just over half of the fee payable for the Full Architectural Service.

3. Design, Approvals, & Tender Package

In the third option we also provide a Specification and other documents which give sufficient detail for contractors to base tenders upon.

Our fee for Design, Approvals, & Tender Package is generally around just under three-quarters of the fee payable for the Full Architectural Service.


design tender and approval

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