Our full architectural service is appropriate for complex or high value projects.

Or if you lack the time, resources, or experience to oversee the stages, and want a professional involved throughout to ensure successful delivery of the project. 

Full Architectural Service

The Royal Institute of British Architect’s (RIBA) Plan of Work  lists all the stages involved in the design and construction of a building, whether large or small.

If we are appointed to provide a full service, we will oversee all the stages, taking the project forward from the point we are instructed, to completion of the construction work and beyond.


Architect’s fees are traditionally based on a percentage of the construction cost – but in some cases a fixed ‘lump sum’ fee can be agreed.

The percentage or fixed fee is determined broadly by the complexity of the project, and the expected construction cost.

For this reason we do not publish a standard scale of fees and each project is considered individually, so that we can be as competitive as possible.

However, whatever service you choose, you will receive a fully detailed quotation outlining the work we will undertake, and apportioning the overall fee incrementally to each work stage.

All fee quotations are accompanied by our standard terms and conditions, so that there are no grey areas or hidden extras.


For an initial discussion about your project, please get in touch